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  • Course of Studies and Re-enrolment

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Further Information

Subject Law (First Legal Examination):

In the Subject Law, students keep a record of all the courses they have taken during each semester "Nachweis der Lehrveranstaltungen" ( Form ) This record has to be presented when registering for examinations. Because Bielefeld University no longer records this data, a lost record cannot be replaced. Students taking a law degree programme for a state examination who attend courses in minor subjects should document these in their ‘Nachweis der Lehrveranstaltungen’.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes:

For students taking Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, proof of courses attended is not entered in a written record but is managed by the examination administration in the eKVV ("elektronisches Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis"). You can print out your own overview of the courses you have attended each semester through the eKVV. After completing your studies or if you change university, the university will give you a transcript providing an overview of all courses attended and examination results.

eKVV: The "elektronische Kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (electronic course catalogue, eKVV) is one of the most important information systems for students at Bielefeld University. It offers the latest and most complete information about courses at the university for both students and teachers. At the same time, it combines the advantages of Internet access with an optimal preparation of content. For example, it includes an overview of courses in each degree programme with additional information on the teachers, attendance requirements, the design of the course, time and location, and so forth as well as a personal electronic timetable.

For many subjects, the faculties carry out place allocation procedures through the eKVV, and teachers use it to distribute information and materials on their courses. In addition, the eKVV also contains the examination administration with the proof of courses attended and examinations taken (particularly in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes).

Before the introduction of the ekVV, Bielefeld University produced a ‘Personal-und Vorlesungsverzeichnis (VV)’ or also a ‘Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis (KVV).

VV: The Personal- und Vorlesungsverzeichnis [staff list and course catalogue] was a list of all courses in the current semester published once every semester by the university. As a printed brochure with more than 500 pages, it also contained the addresses of faculties and institutions along with a list of all teaching staff and an overview of the administration and central university bodies. The last Personal- und Vorlesungsverzeichnis was published for the summer semester of 2009.

KVV: Some faculties also used to publish a ‘Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis’ (annotated course catalogue) as a brochure. This contained short detailed descriptions of the single courses.

Within one week of moving into your accommodation, you must register personally at the Amt für Bürgerberatung, Rathaus, Niederwall 23, Bielefeld, or in the district administrative offices of the city or the Resident Registration Office of your place of residence. When registering you must present your:

  • identity card and/or passport
  • if applicable, the power of attorney for the person registering if you cannot attend personally.

You can find more information on registration, change of registration, and de-registration on the Homepage of the Bürgerberatung.

All major cities have branch offices of the German pension insurance scheme Deutschen Rentenversicherung. The German pension insurance scheme contains seventeen different insurers.

After completing your studies, you should present the pension certificate (Rentenbescheinigung) that you have received with your exmatriculation Exmatrikulation and your final certificates (Diplom, State examination, etc.) in order to have your study time credited for pension purposes.

In Bielefeld, the branch office of the German Pension Insurance Association (BUND) is at  Bahnhofstraße 28. We recommend phoning in advance and making an appointment (Tel. 0521 5254-0).

Should you require confirmation of the time you spent studying at a later time, you can request this in writing (if necessary, with printed form Number V510) from the Student Office.

Please note. Only periods of enrolment can be taken into account. In other words, you many need to confirm the date of the end of your studies with your examination certificate or through the examination office.

Preparatory course.

To ease the transition from secondary school to university in mathematics and the natural sciences, the Faculties of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics offer preparatory courses for first-semester students.

Registration is not compulsory although requested for mathematics. You will find the dates here.


Introductory seminars

At the beginning of the semester, the faculties generally offer special introductory seminars. These provide comprehensive information on studying, on the faculties, and on other institutions as well as on how to use the university library. Here will find the dates for the introductory seminars.

In addition, the International Office also organizes introductory meetings for foreign students.

Attending these seminars will make it much easier for you to find your way in the university.

If you still have any questions, please use our contact form. We will answer your request as soon as possible.

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