Artist in Residence 2022: Moritz Wehrmann (Weimar, GER)
Learn more about Moritz Wehrmann here.

The ZiF opens up free spaces for research in areas of interdisciplinary overlaps. Our experience shows that the exchange of diverse research approaches can lead to unexpected syntheses, self-definitions and perspectives, at times even to opening up completely new research areas.

In the same spirit the ZiF supports, next to cross-disciplinary exchanges, the interplay between Science and Art. We do not presuppose a direct connectivity or a peaceful coexistence between Art and Science, but rather obstinacy, resilience and dissent. In this sense, art exhibitions and interventions are an essential part of our work.

On the recommendation of the Art Commission the ZiF invites artists to exhibit or come personally to the ZiF for three-months as artist-in-residence. The latter usually work together with the resident ZiF research group and can, furthermore, initiate discourses themselves.

We are extremely grateful to Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld for their support of art exhibitions and interventions at the ZiF.

ZiF Art Committee
Art Meets Science

In case of questions, please contact: N. N.